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Seeking license renewal or graduate credit?

Check out our orientation

It will help give you an idea of what option is best for you, and what the online learning experience is like.

Register for a facilitated course.

Facilitated courses have a start-and end-date, have a facilitating instructor, and a class of fellow teachers.

Access your course.

Once registered, access your course on our learning management system (Moodle).

Take a self-paced course on our Teacher Personalized Learning System.

Self-paced courses allow you to start a course at any time and go at any pace (no deadlines). They are worth one-credit each, for a slightly reduced cost from facilitated courses.

Seeking Self-paced trainings or professional development modules?

Access our teacher personalized learning system.

On our Teacher Personalized Learning System we have our Mandatory Reporter of Child and Dependent Adult Abuse training, our Bloodborne Pathogen training, and much more.

Seeking an online community or other informal professional learning opportunities?

Check out our Agora.

Our online teacher communities are places where teachers can connect, network, share ideas, and have discussions with other teachers in the state.

Also, check out LIVE! and our Youtube channel.

Looking to utilize blended learning in your own K-12 classroom?

Get started with our student facilitated learning system.

Get started with our Student Facilitated Learning System.
Get started with our Student Facilitated Learning system, K-12 Online.  This hosted system allows Iowa teachers to access online course space at any time, and includes teacher support, Google integration, customized district themes, and much more.
Access our e-curriculum catalog.  Whether you use our LMS or another, our catalog has full courses or individual units available for you to use.
Become involved with Online Learning for Iowa Educators (OLLIE).  This includes both our facilitated courses, as well as our online community.

Looking to utilize personalized learning in your school?

Check out our student personalized learning system.

If you want learning to be self-paced, autonomous, differentiated, or taken for credit recovery, our student personalized learning system allows you to put easily build flexible, learning opportunities for individual students.

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