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K-12 Online Resources

AEA Learning Online's services support educators in their efforts to teach online or blend instruction.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

AEA Learning Online's flexible hosting solutions include:

  • Administrative Access: Assigns district personnel administrative access so those individuals can assist local teachers and create courses.

  • Customized Themes: Creates themes using district colors and logos.

  • Teacher Support: Supports teachers with facilitated and personalized professional development opportunities focused on online/blended pedagogy.

  • Server/Software Maintenance: Regularly backs up the LMS and updates the server and software.

  • Google Authentication: Allows educators and students to sign into the LMS using Google accounts.

  • Scaleable: Assists district leaders in implementing the LMS across the district or school.

  • Supportive of Individual Teachers: Accommodates individuals who wish to use an LMS without the process of a system-wide implementation.

K-12 E-Curriculum Library

AEA Learning Online's e-curriculum library contains over 400 customizable courses and units that teachers from Iowa and nationally have created and shared. These courses and units can be used with students in an online or blended learning environment in varying learning management systems.


Content areas include:

  • Agriculture/Industrial Technology

  • Counseling

  • ESL

  • Family and Consumer Science

  • Financial Literacy

  • Fine Arts

  • Foreign Language

  • Health

  • Language Arts

  • Math

  • Physical Education

  • Religion

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Sociology

  • Teacher Professional Development

  • Technology Application

Student Personalized Learning System

Iowa schools have the opportunity to create a variety of online, personalized learning opportunities for students, as well as access a statewide catalog of content, assessments, and performance tasks. Students can learn at their own pace from an extensive catalog of specialized content and learning opportunities, both assigned by a local teacher or self-elected.


The student personalized learning system supports...

  • Autonomous Learning: The student directs learning. The teacher is an advisor.

  • Student-directed Learning: The student chooses learning outcomes and learning opportunities. The teacher assesses if students have met the outcomes they have chosen.

  • Self-paced Learning: The teachers sets up learning opportunity and assessment. Students work independently and at their own pace.

  • Differentiated Learning: The teacher sets up and manages learning opportunities/assessments. Students complete  learning opportunities that are unique to them.

  • Blended Learning: The teacher sets up and manages learning opportunities/assessments that are done in conjunction with a traditional, face-to-face classroom.


AEA Learning Online’s Student Personalized Learning System catalog contains over 200 customizable modules. These modules can be done individually or built into learning opportunities of combined curricular content that can be used with students in an online or blended learning environment.


Current Content Categories:

  • Agriculture: ie Agriculture and Energy, Agriculture and the Biofuels Industry, Vehicle Technology

  • Counseling: ie Character Skills

  • English/Language Arts: Animal Farm: Unit Overview, Shakespeare

  • Employability: ie Careers, Character Skills, Writing a Cover Letter

  • Financial Literacy

  • Family and Consumer Science: ie Food Sanitation and Safety, Recipe Reading & Measuring, Quick Breads

  • Health Literacy: ie My Plate, Character Skills

  • Math: ie Algebra, Mathematics of Voting, Math: Modular Arithmetic (and Cryptography)

  • Science: ie Physical Science, Lab Safety, Energy, Water Rocks

  • Social Studies: ie Government

  • Technology: ie Digital Citizenship, Google 101

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