Business Partner Services

Work-based Learning Projects

Cost: Free

  • Businesses post projects to Iowa’s Work-Based Learning Clearinghouse for Iowa students to
    apply to work with the business on solving a business-related problem

  • Freely available to all 500,000 K-12 Iowa students

  • Consulting available to develop project or problem creation


Iowa-specific Industry-sponsored Career Modules

Cost: $50.00/hour

  • Businesses/Industries/Associations design an experience for Iowa students to interact with that
    outline opportunities, education, job listings, etc. for careers in their fields

  • Freely available to all 500,000 K-12 Iowa students

  • Average module takes about 90 min. for student to complete

  • Average modules takes about 100 hours to develop

  • Some companies do one module, some do two or three modules

  • Promotional flyer

  • Outreach to schools via quarterly newsletter and conference presentations


Professional Trainings-Industry Specific

Cost: Free

  • Free to develop for wide-reaching recognized trainings or existing accepted professional
    trainings that prepares students for careers in specific fields (OSHA, HIPAA, etc.) (e.g., Bank
    Tellers Association Intro Training)

  • A career module can lead into this type of training


Professional Trainings-Company Specific

Cost: $50.00/hour

  • More narrow focused professional trainings, typically focuses on serving a specific employer by preparing students for a career with them (e.g., being a Bank Teller at Wells Fargo)

  • A career module can lead into this type of training


360 Interactive Virtual Tours

Cost: $100.00/hour

  • Interactive walk through of an area (e.g., warehouse, production facility) that allows participant choice in advancing or going back through an area and highlighting specific components or processes with interactive “stations” for learning

  • Can be embedded in an Iowa-specific Industry-sponsored Career module

  • Can be used publicly

Video Production.jpg

Video Production

Cost: $200.00/hour

  • Work with Silver Shutter Productions

  • Can be embedded in an Iowa-specific Industry-sponsored Career module

  • Can be used publicly

  • One 3-min. promotional video is approx. $1,000

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About AEAs

Iowa's Area Education Agencies (AEAs) were created in 1974 by the Iowa legislature to ensure equal educational opportunities for all children from birth through age 21. As regional service agencies, AEAs provide special education and school improvement services for students, families, teachers, administrators, and their communities.


Iowa's Area Education Agencies

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Iowa's AEAs are required to adhere to state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination in programs, activities and employment practices.

For specific information, contact your AEA.

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